What is Automatic Writing?


Automatic writing has been a controversial and not a very well understood concept. Automatic writing happens either through a person’s subconscious or by external spirits that work through the writer. The person could either be fully aware of the situation or in a state of trance, not knowing what they are writing. However, this is nothing to be worried about or get scared of because automatic writing is a way of connecting with your inner self. It allows you to become one with your subconscious and to understand and listen to their intuition.


A lot of people feel uncomfortable when they come across automatic writing done by themselves or others; there is nothing to worry about. Automatic writing happens when a person gets in touch with their inner self and it helps in finding out answers to questions that you cannot find a logical answer to, or to sort out the feelings inside of you to help you be more composed and more ready to handle the situation. Automatic writing, in all honesty helps you also understand your state of mind and to identify your own mental state as well because this is the time when the person is not directing their thoughts, the thoughts are flowing from the subconscious which actually knows what is happening inside the mind.


Sometimes, it may be surprising to read or listen to an automatic writing piece because the person who has written it may not exhibit any symptoms of feeling what they have written. It is important at this time to not get worried and to understand why those thoughts came out, to find out the root cause and to find a way to solve the situation. Many people also get worried when they realize that they are automatically writing and may think that there is something wrong with them; this is absolutely not the case. People who can do automatic writing are more in touch with their inner self and rather than being worried, it would be beneficial if you embrace this action and learn to read the messages that come through it because it is pretty much your inner self communicating with you, telling you what is happening inside you, sending you a message which could be about you or about someone else.


There are also some people who find themselves feeling extremely sensitive towards other feelings or body language, understanding the emotions of others with exceptional clarity and being very aware of their surroundings. Such people can actually feel what the other person is feeling and are called empathetic psychics. It is not easy to manage your own self when you are an empathetic psychic because you get wrapped in what the people around you feel and it is a big possibility that if you are one then you may also be able to do automatic writing that relates to the lives of others, specifically if a situation of a person has affected you strongly.


It is important to be able to understand these instances and to utilize this gift to help yourself and others through it rather than shunning it or getting scared of it. Automatic writing helps in gaining a better understanding of the current situation and provides with the ways to manage it.


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