Personal problems most often lead to death!!

Parental™, inc. is a growing carrier  in the transportation industry.  Parental Instructions™ is our TEFL (Teacher of English as a Foreign Language) risk factors of reading curriculum that we use to teach trip planning.  We aim to help our future drivers become expert troubleshooters in their chosen field.  The Perfect Parent™ holds a Commercial Driver’s License,  a Certified Teacher of English as a Foreign Language and the owner of Parental™, inc.

The Perfect Parent™ provides our youth with a systematic plan for our youth to “get over” by instructing them to ask their teachers questions and respecting their teachers.

Students are provided with the security of being able to practice their speaking skills within this online platform which will help save their lives in the classroom and behind the wheel.  They learn how to perfect the timing in their speaking in the classroom.  Students learn how to make honest mistakes on paper which will help build their troubleshooting skills in their chosen field.

The Perfect Parent